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Who We Are

Binary Longevity is a carrier class cloud service provider and corporate identity service. We provide a 5 Core Focus specific to growing and sustaining your company’s needs. These five cores successfully build your business from digital branding and necessary back end technology expertise to data security and cloud services. Whether it’s corporate identity, security or network design~ we clear the fog! Binary Longevity provides your company a clear vision of these and so much more under one umbrella!

Our staff and partners boast decades of experience with internet technology and have founded multiple communication protocols. Committed to results, we’re here to be the sustainable entity for all your company’s needs, large or small. Our knowledge and expertise are at your finger-tips!



What We Do

Binary Secure

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Data in the vastness of CyberSpace has become the normal way that the majority of companies and individuals alike have adopted as a way of life. From your website to your document storage Data Security is of the utmost importance and Binary Longevity strives to ensure all of your data is secured. It all starts with our network and trickles down to the cores of each individual service we offer by leveraging each core component that…

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Binary Cloud

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“What’s in the Cloud Matters” – everything in Cyberspace is a Cloud Service! Network based computing dates back to the 1960’s, many believe that the first use of the phrase “Cloud Computing” when the CEO of Google, Eric Schmidt introduced this phrase at an industry conference. What exactly does this mean? Technically the coined phrase “Cloud” is nothing more then services that all operate on two main foundational elements…

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Binary Media

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We offer many forms of services, these services are a combination of email hosting, website hosting, website design, content distribution, cloud storage, secured point to point data and network services, complete security solutions, brand identity, social media management, search engine optimizations services, and video streaming. How do we do all this you may ask, simply put Binary Longevity has been evolving with the…

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Five Cores One Cloud

Core principles are the key to the success of any business and initiative.
Binary Longevity has Five Core objectives for a One Cloud approach:

Security & Privacy


Unheard of Support

99.9999% Uptime SLA


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