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Binary VPN is a secure, never logged, VPN service. We firmly believe in the internet and the privacy of its users. Binary VPN boast 52 locations in 32 different countries around the world. Our VPN services boast the best of breed in apps and services and we strive to ensure your data is private and secure.

Some of the features are listed below, but proof is always in the pudding and we recommend to just download one of our apps and start your 14 day trial!

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  • Anonymous – we do not keep logs of your browsing history, ever!
  • Unmetered – no data caps
  • Fast – multiple redundant 100Gbps internet connectivity that spans the globe
  • Reliable – 99.999% carrier class uptime
  • User Friendly – Apps that make sense and that are direct and to the point
  • OS Support – we are compatible with all major operating systems for desktop and mobile
  • Connections – unlimited connections for your account
  • Customer Support – we offer 24/7/365 ticketing support
  • Physical Servers – managed and redundant
  • Killswitch – allows you to kill your internet connection if VPN services stop for some reason
  • Automation – run the VPN as a service
  • Config File – dynamically generate a configuration file to load into other VPN clients or OS’s

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Ravencoin Plans

Pricing our VPN service is a little complex as there is not a true CryptoCurrency Gateway that can be used for just crypto so all of our billing is done manually the first time. Upon signup you will receive an invoice $1.00 usd, please do not pay this invoice, a welcome email will be sent from the billing system with your username/password for the VPN. At this point your 7 day trial period will begin and you will receive a welcome email that will contain your username and password for the VPN along with instructions on what wallet address to send your coins to. 

This service is exclusive to members of the Ravencoin Communities seen here:

A Global

Virtual Private Network


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