Ravencoin Mining Pool

100% of pool fees are donated to the Ravencoin Foundation!

Kawpow Mining

Ravencoin Mining Pool

We support Ravencoin and send 100% of all of our pool earnings to the Ravencoin foundation.

Our Designated Donation address to the foundation:

Welcome to the Binary Longevity Ravencoin Mining pool. Unlike other companies or persons that run pools we have taken an infrastructure support approach that gives an unparalleled uptime and numerous other features. We designed our platform to be extremely efficient and scalable from a “boots on the ground” experience level.

We are also miners so we know how important it is to have your investment in the hardware and on-going power costs covered, with a pool that is always online. When you become part of our community of miners you will gain access to our private forum and get inside access to tricks on how to tweak your rigs and dial in your cards to be efficient and profitable.

official pool launch date: April 15, 2022

Mining Rig


Please see the below configurations for the respective mining software:

Stratum: tcp://rvn.binarylongevity.com:5031
Port 5031 is VARDIFF

To add a Static DIFF  add [d=250] (or whatever value you would like for your DIFF) as password




phoenixminer.exe -pool stratum+tcp://rvn.binarylongevity.com:5031 -wal [YOUR_WALLET_ADDRESS].[RIG_ID] -coin rvn -proto 4

miner.exe –algo kawpow –server rvn.binarylongevity.com:5031 –user [YOUR_WALLET_ADDRESS].[RIG_ID] –pass x –proto stratum

t-rex.exe -a kawpow -o stratum+tcp://rvn.binarylongevity.com:5031 -u [YOUR_WALLET_ADDRESS].[RIG_ID] -p x

Team Red Miner:
teamredminer.exe -a kawpow -o stratum+tcp://rvn.binarylongevity.com:5031 -u [YOUR_WALLET_ADDRESS].[RIG_ID] -p x –eth_stratum_mode=nicehash –pool_strategy=priority

nbminer.exe -a kawpow -o stratum+tcp://rvn.binarylongevity.com:5031 -u [YOUR_WALLET_ADDRESS].[RIG_ID]



We have used the following card for Mining Ravencoin (kawpow) and found the below settings to be best for this coin using T-Rex Miner:
Visit our GPU Tuning Page for more information

GPU Card Hashrate Fan Speed Core Memory Power
Titan XP 12Gb 28 MH/s 100% 0 1200 250W
1080 TI 17 MH/s 100% 100 1200 140W
2060 Super 21 MH/s 100% 115 1800 170W
3060 LHR 24 MH/s 100% 160 2200 150W
3080 TI 56 MH/s 100% 115 1600 330W
3080 LHR 48 MH/s 100% 0 1600 330W
A4500 40 MH/s 100% -50 2200 200W


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